Who I am

  • I am Ruud Kroeze.
  • I am self employed.
  • I live and work (mostly) in The Netherlands.
  • I grew up with MCP.
  • Well, actually I started my professional life finding and replacing faulty chips in the Burroughs B6800 systems.
  • Next, I spent quite some time with Unisys support. Supporting MCP, compilers, DMSII and LINCII
  • Then I was involved in System Integration projects using C on Unix systems and Oracle databases.
  • When I was asked to take on a support role at a NAP telephony site, I welcomed the oppertunity to work on MCP systems once again.
  • Back in 1998 I read about this new thing 'XML'. Having re-invented the wheel on quite some system integration problems in the pre-XML era, I could see the potential of XML.
  • We started using XML and Java (on a Linux machine) to build a browser-based monitoring system for the NAP systems.
  • My next assignment, with a large health care insurance company, gave me the oppertunity to work with the JProcessor.
  • For this customer, I connected their EAE systems to Websphere-MQ and http, using JNI and JDBC.
  • When this customer migrated from MCP (sigh..), I was involved in the XML implementation in the Windows version of ABSuite.
  • I am still working on MCP sites. Always trying to create solutions that will allow the customer to keep the benefits of the robust, production friendly MCP system and at the same time make use of modern system integration technology.
  • I can be reached via email: 'mcp at mcpjava.com'


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