Who I am

  • I am Ruud Kroeze.
  • I am self employed.
  • I live and work (mostly) in The Netherlands.
  • I grew up with MCP.
  • Well, actually I started my professional life finding and replacing faulty chips in the Burroughs B6800 systems.
  • Next, I spent quite some time with Unisys support. Supporting MCP, compilers, DMSII and LINCII
  • Then I was involved in System Integration projects using C on Unix systems and Oracle databases.
  • When I was asked to take on a support role at a NAP telephony site, I welcomed the oppertunity to work on MCP systems once again.
  • Back in 1998 I read about this new thing 'XML'. Having re-invented the wheel on quite some system integration problems in the pre-XML era, I could see the potential of XML.
  • We started using XML and Java (on a Linux machine) to build a browser-based monitoring system for the NAP systems.
  • My latest assignment, with a large health care insurance company, gave me the oppertunity to work with the JProcessor.
  • For this customer, I connected their EAE systems to Websphere-MQ and http, using JNI and JDBC.
  • I can be reached via email: 'mcp at mcpjava.com'


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